“I’m so pleased you finally put down in writing your life story…Mars and I recognized your adventures as special and exciting…enough so, that you inspired us to write the movie “Poolhall Junkies” You are the original pool hall junkie…I believe pool players and non-players world-wide will enjoy your rich and colorful experiences immensely.”
Nobody moves “The Rock” better!

Chris Corso, Co-writer “PoolHall Junkies,” TV pilot screenwriter, actor (Roller Blade Warriors)

“Robert Leblanc is one of the greatest storytellers I know, and “Confessions of a Pool Hustler” is an exciting adventure through the life of a true American legend. The cool part is that the stories are true and yes, Bobby Cotton banks balls in like they have eyes! This book is a must-read!”

“Mad Max” Eberle, Three-time National 8-Ball Champion and a previously Top Three ranked Touring Pro

“Robert has been a great friend of ours for many years, he would have won many titles throughout the years if he would have focused on tournaments instead of gambling on the road! He is a kind and generous person—and an animal lover !”

Mike Massey, Nine times World Trick-Shot Champion

“I first played Robert over 25 years ago and not only was he a great player, but always stayed in the “fastlane” of the World of Pool. His stories will provide you insight to some of the t hings that no one else can talk about. I highly recommend Robert’s book to those curious abou the “mysterious side” of pool.”


 ”As entertaining as Robert is, this book has some great stories!”

John Schmidt (aka “Mr. 400″)