These are just a few of the stories – and there are hundreds – that are in my 320-page book, “Confessions of a Pool Hustler.” I hope you enjoy them.

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We decided to go back down to Mexico to see what was going on. (Elvita was in Mexico City by that time and so, unfortunately, our paths never crossed.) We’re partying at the same place, Club 45, with all the beautiful hookers that night and having a great time. The next day we go into this little restaurant and we’re eating lunch, I’ll never forget it because I was eating a taco and I found a little piece of glass in it, so I told the waiter, and he brought me another taco. Then, as I was eating my new taco these two Federales burst into the restaurant, rushed to our table and said, “Both you guys are under arrest.” I asked, “What for?” They said, “For suspicion of bank robbery.” They said, “Some guys robbed a bank in Texas a couple hundred of miles away, and y’all fit their description.” So, without wasting any time, they hauled us off to jail. In Mexico, you are guilty until proven innocent and they might keep you in jail for five or ten years before they even let you make a phone call.

Of course, we’re scared shitless when we get to the police station. They lock us up in a cell with dirt floors, no bathroom—it was a pigpen. We were there for two days. We weren’t allowed a phone call and by a stroke of luck we got to talk to someone who could speak English. I said, “You gotta’ let me make a phone call.” Then I had a brainstorm!, I said, “Listen, I’m down here to see a friend of mine, Monyetie.” This was the guy who had a lot of juice in town; they knew he was the best pool player in the country and everyone had a lot of respect for him, he ran the show. So, the Federale says, “You know Monyetie?” I said, Monyetie is a good friend of mine. I played pool with him a few months ago.” I was really hoping he remembered playing me because he beat me for $50 just a few months before. So, they go get Monyetie, bring him down to the jail and he identified us and they let us go. If it wouldn’t have been for him, we might still be locked up down there—that shit happens down in Mexico all the time.

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But while we were at George’s house, we went into Big Springs and he introduced us to a friend of his, Jimmy Whitefield, who was a champion bull rider. He was a little guy about 130 pounds and tougher than a nickel pork chop. One night we’re all out at this hillbilly bar, drinking and playing a little pool. We were having a good time when, over by the pool tables, these two girls started arguing really loud. A couple of cowboys got involved and a brawl breaks out in the bar. The fight escalates and everybody gets into the fighting and throwing bottles; people were ducking and trying to get out of the way. Then the fight spills out into the parking lot. One of the girls who was in the bar arguing is now in the parking lot fighting and she was very pregnant. Dick, Whitey and I are out there in the middle of this shit. All of a sudden these two girls go over and jump on the pregnant girl and the three of them knock her to the ground and start stomping her. Blood was all over the front of her pants. It looked like she might have lost the baby. I get inside my car to get my rifle so I can stop these girls from beating the shit out of this pregnant girl. I had my rifle in the back seat of the car, and as I bring it to the front seat I get all tangled up in the steering wheel with the damn thing, and this guy walks up and shoves a pistol in my face and says, “Drop it before I blow your head off.” So, I put the gun down and the fight continues till the cops got there. They took several people to jail, the ambulance took the girl to the hospital and we got the hell out of there.

So we leave Big Springs and Dick and I decide to take a ride to Dallas to check out a few poolrooms to see what we could stir up. Debbie stayed at George’s house with Beverly, and I was kinda hoping that Beverly would give her a few “acting” lessons! We didn’t find any action so we decided to head back to Big Springs. We thought of one more place to check out. While driving to the poolroom we notice a lot of red and blue flashing lights behind us. We wondered what we did wrong? We pulled over. The cop comes up to the window and says, “Where y’all going?” I said, “To a friends house”, which was a lie. He then asks, ”Whose car is this?” (we’re in a new caddie) I said, “It’s mine.” They say, “No, this is George McGann’s car.” I said, “Well, yeah, it is.” So the cop said, “We are going to escort you out of town right now or y’all are going to jail.” So, they followed us out of town, put us back on the highway back to Big Springs.

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There was a backer named Chester who lived in Glendale, California (Glendale was up in Los Angeles County.) Red-headed, freckles, and a pretty nice guy, he’d stake people to play and he knew where all the action spots were. He saw me at Frank’s Tavern and he said, “I’ve got a couple spots where we can make money up in Glendale. I said, “Yeah, let’s go up there and take down the cash.”

About that time, Joe Salazar (who was called “Tracy Joe” because he came from Tracy, California, a city notorious for gang violence) was running around California beating everybody on a bar table with the big ball. Chester wants to stake me to play Joe some 9-ball; he thought I could win. We make an appointment to play the next day in this cowboy joint that Chester liked to go to ‘cause he knew most of the people in the bar .Anyway, we go in the bar and Joe’s there knocking the balls around. He has a backer with him named Rich Restad. We kick it off for $50 a game and after playing a couple of hours I have Joe stuck around $500. I’m playing perfect and Joe’s playing bad. Joe never played too good the first day in a joint; he always played better after he’s played there a couple of days. Joe is a stocky Mexican guy, about 5’6” and a super gentleman. While we are playing, this big drunken hillbilly keeps giving Joe a lot of shit. He starts yelling when it’s Joe’s turn to shoot, so Joe asks the guy a couple times, “Hey buddy, do you mind not hollering while I’m shooting; you’re bothering me.”

The guy didn’t listen to him, he just kept it up. A few games later Joe’s down shooting a ball and the guy is whooping and hollering on the sidelines trying to get Joe to miss. Joe puts his cue on the table and real quietly walks up to this guy, looks up at him (the guy is a foot taller than him) Joe punches him in the jaw and knocks the guy out cold on the floor! Joe walked over to me and says, “I’m sorry Robert, I just couldn’t take it anymore.” Joe comes back to the table and runs out. I wound up beating him out of a thousand. Joe was such a gentleman, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to put him on empty !

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Soon after, my stakehorse, Alabama, introduced me to Natalie, a really beautiful girl. She was the daughter of one of the guys that Alabama used to book with. She had these beautiful dark eyes and olive skin. She actually looked a lot like Natalie Wood who was one of my favorite actresses. Anyway, Natalie and I dated for several weeks and I was starting to care about her quite a bit. One night we were supposed to go out for dinner, and she calls me and says, “Let’s meet at my favorite Italian restaurant. I would love for you to meet my best friend, Robin. Do you mind if I bring her with me?” I said, “No, I don’t mind. I’d like to meet her.”

So, I met them at the restaurant. Robin was a really pretty blonde. We had a great dinner and several glasses of wine, and we all were getting a little buzzed. We left the restaurant about ten o’clock night and Natalie left her car there ‘cause she said she was too buzzed to drive, so we all jumped in my car. As I was taking the girls home I said, “Look, I have to stop at the motel room for a few minutes to walk my dog, Ginger. She’s been there for a few hours and I need to let her out to use the bathroom, and to feed her.” They said no problem, and we drove to the motel. When we got to the room I said, “Wait here I’ll be back in a minute.” So, they asked me if I minded if they came in the room and I said no come on in. They both looked at each other and smiled.

In the room, as I was putting Ginger’s leash on for her for her walk, Natalie said, “Hurry up and get back ‘cause we’re gonna fuck your brains out.” I said, “Yeah, whatever.” But, I’m thinking, ‘oh boy wouldn’t this be wonderful, but they can’t be serious.’ Well, I did hurry and when I got back to the room they were both lying on the bed naked! I took off my clothes as quick as I could and dove in. It was like a tag team wrestling match, I thought that I died and went to heaven. They were both just crawling all over me, I couldn’t tell what leg or what boob belonged to who, it was wonderful ! I’m telling you, if you’ve never done it, you need to try it just once.

Early the next morning I took them back to their car and the whole ride they were kinda quiet. I’m thinking uh-oh ! The next day, I called Natalie up and I said, “What are you doing later?” She said, “Do you want to go to the movies tonight and to dinner?” I said, “Sure, I’d love to, What’s the chance of you bringin’ Robin along?” She yelled something, then slammed the phone down. I don’t think I ever talked to her again. That was the end of that. They initiated it, and when I liked it, they kicked me to the curb. I guess I’ll never understand women.

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